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 Forum Changes and Stuffz

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The Mecherator

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PostSubject: Forum Changes and Stuffz   4/4/2012, 3:44 pm

Yes, I know the forum has barely been habited for more than a couple days, but I just can't stop myself from messing around with the options. I've got a few updates to show you, as well as some clarifications to make.

First up: the post-dependent rank system.

This is a system that will increase your "rank" based on post count. In this case, the rank is visible above your avatar when you make a post. This rank is completely different than your "name colorization" rank, which I'll cover later in this post.

Here are how the ranks progress:

Initiate - 0 posts
Grease Monkey - 10 posts
Technician - 50 posts
Calibrator - 100 posts
Engineer - 200 posts
Mechanier - 300 posts
Bronze Mechanier - 500 posts
Silver Mechanier - 1000 posts
Gold Mechanier - 2000 posts

You will be automatically changed to the next rank once you reach the given post count. There will also be a little icon below the rank, for now they only apply up to the "Mechanier" rank.

Secondly: the colorized rank system.

This system was implemented before, but I feel it needs some explanation. This system revolves around your reputation as a member, both here and on MOCpages. New members will automatically advance to full members once achieving 10 posts, hopefully proving that they aren't a spammer. From the "Member" rank, you can ask for rank ups to "Honored", "Noble", and "Legendary" once you've reached the requirements. Click on the ranks in brackets to see the requirements.

However, upon reaching full member, previous moderators from the EM MOCpages group will receive a rank-up to "Honored", and previous admins will receive two rank-ups to "Noble".

Thirdly, this is much more minor, I've been messing around with the colors of the forum, and I'll continue to do so for a bit, until I'm satisfied.

If you have any questions, please post them in the Questions Thread! Smile

Gentleman |My MOCpages profile | >>The Forum Rules<< Obey and Understand! | Please check my Minecraft CTM map out! | Gentleman
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Forum Changes and Stuffz
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