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Welcome to the Elite Mechaniers Official Forum!
Please read the Forum Rules and obey them!
Don't be afraid to hop in the chatbox, even if no one is in there! I usually pop in if I see someone online.
If you would like a rank up, please PM an Admin and present a decent reason.
Welcome new users who have received my invitation on MOCpages.com! Please make a thread to introduce yourselves in our Elite Mechanier Convo section!
Please try to use proper grammar and punctuation while posting, as it improves both your post's quality and everyone else's forum experience.
Please respect our Moderators and Admins.
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RichTheWolf257ROTFL XD2012-04-042/27/2018, 8:37 am534 Send private message   
ForteDark, like Cuban roast2012-05-1510/25/2017, 2:29 am60 Send private message   
Thomas_Z"IT'S A GUNDAM!"2012-05-1510/21/2017, 7:00 pm86 Send private message   
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Quantum Industries"Escalators are never really out of order... they are just temporarily stairs "2012-11-088/2/2017, 9:28 pm91 Send private message   
Brickbrycebrick2012-04-027/16/2017, 10:53 pm64 Send private message   
KlushotsResident goofball and referencer of obscure media2012-12-074/22/2017, 7:14 pm256 Send private message  http://mocpages.com/home.php/84125 
BiOBuild a man a fire, he'll be warm the rest of the night. Set a man on fire, he'll be warm the rest of his life.2012-03-0612/8/2016, 12:42 am264 Send private message   
Eroomdivad2012-04-0311/30/2016, 8:13 am260 Send private message   
TF Twitch2013-02-0410/11/2016, 3:33 am136 Send private message  http://www.mocpages.com/home.php/82908 
Dashing Rogue2016-01-042/18/2016, 4:52 pm2 Send private message   
Sylphion2012-05-1611/12/2015, 6:47 am44 Send private message   
JakTheMadTime flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.2012-04-039/14/2015, 7:12 pm136 Send private message   
graybandit2012-07-094/7/2015, 6:40 pm9 Send private message   
Kirill Z.I eat cats sometimes, and then my stomach meows instead of growling.2012-07-315/19/2014, 6:33 pm7 Send private message   
SnugWuls2014-02-282/28/2014, 4:18 pm0 Send private message   
LTE the Mechanier"I see a small picture in a shop somewhere: it's Mormon Judy! and COW PEOPLE.2012-06-301/13/2014, 4:58 pm217 Send private message   
sai-raf2013-09-139/13/2013, 3:39 pm0 Send private message   
DoctorCouchSaywhat.2013-04-214/28/2013, 11:34 am0 Send private message   
Oberon_132792013-03-063/6/2013, 4:14 am0 Send private message   
Chen-ChenFunny2012-04-042/5/2013, 3:02 am15 Send private message   
sdrago2012-10-2510/25/2012, 10:43 am0 Send private message   
Marcus J.2012-05-179/18/2012, 4:12 pm1 Send private message   
RabidGoldfishJ2012-04-039/12/2012, 4:08 pm5 Send private message   
Legobrickforger482012-07-127/13/2012, 2:16 am1 Send private message   
~deathsquiggle~2012-06-136/14/2012, 9:17 am0 Send private message  http://www.flickr.com/photos/brickmizers_legos/ 
ChunkblasterGiant robots blowing eachother up- nuff' said2012-03-095/28/2012, 6:38 pm3 Send private message   
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